In 2006, on the porch of a crowded 2nd floor, Charleston apartment, Ben Sellers started painting large plywood sections purely for enjoyment and relaxation. Many of the early paintings were done alongside close friend and acquaintance, William Henry. Working at a local restaurant, Ben was able to start displaying his work for customers. Soon, he caught the eye of other local artists and collectors in the area. By ’09, he had been featured in numerous group shows and at other dining establishments. Eventually, his work made its way into galleries, cafe’s, ballet theater productions, salons, and locally filmed TV programs. Several people in the Charleston and Savannah area have private collections of his work in their home and office. Ben has also sold paintings to people from New York, Chicago, Costa Rica, and Ireland. His work has been described as having an “Abstract Expressionism influence with a surrealism addition…commenting on modern politics and pop culture”.


Live. Think. Create. Be.


Feel free to contact me through email or phone in regards to commissioned paintings and murals. Want a painting of your wife or your kids? Yes i do that. 843_509_7665